Maize Mill

Allem Brothers are manufacturers of Mealie King Maize Meal products, which include Super, Samp, Mealie Rice, Putu and Special Maize Meal.

The maize milling process starts with cleaning the grain and is followed by conditioning the maize (damping the maize with water and then allowing it to condition for some time in a bin).

Cleaning and conditioning of the maize as an important step in the process and refers to the removal of foreign material and all that is not maize kernels from the to-be milled grain that lowers the quality of the product such as husk, straw, dust, sand, everything too big and too small and lighter than a maize kernel. It also refers to the removal of poisonous seeds, and material harmful to the milling equipment such as metal and stones. Conditioning refers to the addition of moisture to the maize to allow the bran to be peeled off. The best quality maize meal is therefore obtained by de-germinating the maize prior to milling.

We sell our Mealie King Maize Meal products through various vendors in South Africa and at our own premises in Viljoenskroon. Please contact us if you require any maize products in your area. Mealie King Maize Meal products available at our sales building are:

Super Maize Meal Special Maize Meal Mealie Rice Putu Samp
80kg (Poly) 80kg (Poly)  50kg (Poly) 12.5kg (Poly) 50kg (Poly)
50kg (Poly) 50kg (Poly) 10kg (Plastic)
25kg (Poly) 25kg (Poly)
12.5kg (Poly) 12.5kg (Poly)
10kg (Poly) 10kg (Poly)
5kg (Poly)
8 x 2.5kg (Paper)
4 x 2.5kg (Paper)
20 x 1kg (Paper)
10 x 1kg (Paper)

Please contact us for orders larger than 2 tons. We need to check availability to comply with your order.
All sales are cash only.

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Relevant Contact Persons:

Flip van der Westhuizen (Mill Manager) 0563433111 |

Ronel Geyser (Outlet Sales) 0563433111 |

Steven Quinn (Marketing) 0563433111 |