About Allem Brothers (Pty) Ltd

Allem Brothers (Pty) Ltd’s core business is the buying, selling and storing of maize, as well as the manufacture of maize meal for human consumption and animal feeds.


Handling and Storage of Maize, Grain Sorghum, Sun Flower and Soya Beans. Read more

Maize Mill

Allem Brothers are manufacturers of Mealie King Maize Meal products, which include Super, Samp, Mealie Rice, Putu and Special Maize Meal. Read more

Feed Mill

Our job as feed manufacturers is to buy the commodities and blend them in the feed mill according to the specifications outlined by the animal nutritionist. There is little room for error because, if the ration is not apportioned correctly, lowered animal production and diminished outward appearance can occur. Read more


Farming Allem Brothers farming enterprise is focussed mainly on Crop and Beef production in the districts of Viljoenskroon, Bothaville and Vredefort.

Crop Farming include:

  • Maize
  • Sunflower


Beef production include:

  • Bonsmara

Read more about Allem Brothers Farming.