Feed Mill

Our job as feed manufacturers is to buy the commodities and blend them in the feed mill according to the specifications outlined by the animal nutritionist. There is little room for error because, if the ration is not apportioned correctly, lowered animal production and diminished outward appearance can occur.

Allem Brothers produces a variety of specialised monogastric diets and custom feed mixes for various farming industries. Allem Brothers also supplies a full range of technical services to its customers, including advice on nutrition, feeding programs, animal husbandry, production techniques as well as providing the necessary support in terms of the legal requirements governing the industry. Allem Brother’s historical and continued success is driven by ensuring nutritional supremacy in the market and the consistency of supplying quality animal feed and nutritional solutions to our customers.

Allem Brothers is a member of AFMA. AFMA strives for the development of a sustainable industry, an industry that acts responsibly within the food chain thus ensuring safe feed for safe food.

Allem Brothers’ “Compound feed” is a blend of various raw materials and additives. These blends are formulated according to the specific requirements of the target animal. They are manufactured as a meal type, pellets or crumbles. The main ingredients used in our commercially prepared feed are the feed grains, which include maize, soybean oilcake, sunflower oilcake and wheat middlings. Compound feed will also include premixes. Premixes are composed of microingredients such as vitamins, minerals, chemical preservatives and other essential ingredients that are purchased from premix companies, usually in bag form, for blending into commercial rations.

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